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Jerusha DeGroote Stephens, LAc

Sprouted Heart Acupuncture and Wellness is named after the artistic whimsy of our owner's daughter, Delia.  Her heart-shaped drawing inspired the logo you see above. The child's self-expression describes the outpouring of love she feels for life within, representing what we want to provide for you as our patient. As adults, those expressions can get lost in the pain and suffering of life. However, as humans, we have an amazing capacity to heal and be well; to reach our true health potential, and to feel balanced are a few of our goals for you. We are dedicated to walk with you on your path to wellness, in hopes that you find joy and peace along the way.

Jerusha D. Stephens, LAc, FABORM, is licensed by the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure and is a board certified Diplomat of Acupuncture and Herbology, nationally certified by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). She is presently Founder and President of the Mississippi Oriental Medicine Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to acupuncture advocacy. Her work with MOMA helped to usher in Mississippi’s inaugural Acupuncture Practice Act in 2009, which allowed for the licensure and regulation of the profession in her home state.

Jerusha has been studying and practicing Oriental Medicine since 1998. She graduated from the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin, Texas, in 2002, with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine. In 2006, Jerusha became an international ambassador of Oriental medicine with her onboard work with Royal Caribbean International Cruises. Through demonstrations, seminars, and providing treatments to a culturally diverse array of patients, Jerusha was able to travel the world doing what she loves best. Now at home, she strives to contribute to the well-being of the community and educating the public about the benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

Jerusha is proud and honored to become the first licensed acupuncturist in Mississippi.  She is a member of the Jackson Spine Society and became the only Mississippi acupuncturist to earn a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, which distinguishes her as a specialist in helping men and women facing fertility issues with an integrative approach to their health, in 2010.

Jerusha currently resides in Florence, Mississippi, with her husband, two daughters (Delia, 7 and Lucinda <1) and their Australian Shepherd, cat and numerous dairy goats. She enjoys gardening, traveling, yoga, reading and nutritious, creative cooking in her spare time. 

Credentials ~
Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure #AC0001

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine ~ Diplomat in Herbology and Acupuncture #020367

Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Medicine - 2010

Clean Needle Technique and CPR certified

Education ~ 1999-2002  Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin

1994-1998 Bachelor of Arts, English, Mississippi State University

University of Puebla, Mexico Summer foreign language program

Brynn Graham, LAc

Brynn began her journey into acupuncture and Oriental medicine after suffering with several chronic health conditions as an adult. She was not content with the idea of a lifetime of pain and powerful prescription medications, so she tried acupuncture and Oriental medicine. After several months of weekly acupuncture treatments and daily Chinese herbal medicine, her chronic health issues and her quality of life dramatically improved. She was so impressed with what acupuncture and Oriental medicine had done to improve her life that she decided to enroll in the Master’s degree program at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM). Brynn graduated from OCOM in 2001 and started her acupuncture career in Portland, Oregon. After practicing for 13 years, she made the decision to go back to school, enrolling in the Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (DAOM) post-graduate degree program at OCOM. This program focuses on integrative care, evidence-based medicine, teaching, and research. Brynn graduated from the DAOM program in 2016, and expects to have her course work completed by February 2018.

Brynn has had careers in both Western and Oriental medicines over the past three decades. She began her medical career as a x-ray technologist at one of the larger hospitals in Portland. There, she specialized in surgical x-ray but also performed general diagnostic imaging procedures.

Brynn is passionate about practicing acupuncture and Oriental medicine and is a believer in the power of integrative medicine - she understands and appreciates the strengths inherent in both western and Oriental medicines and how they can work together. Brynn has steeped herself in education and training so that she can delve deep into the health concerns her patients come to her with. She is continually amazed at what Oriental medicine can do both physically and emotionally to address acute and chronic health issues. She will work with you and your other health care providers in helping you achieve your health goals.

Brynn specializes in treating both chronic and acute pain including musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, and postoperative pain. She has received extensive training in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain issues in both women and men.

Brynn also treats women’s health issues, including painful, heavy, and/or irregular menstrual periods, loss of menstrual periods, infertility, endometriosis, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), low libido, morning sickness and other pregnancy-related health issues. Additionally, she treats many chronic health conditions seen in aging adults such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches/migraine headaches, gastrointestinal disorders (IBD/IBS, SIBO, constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, etc.), fatty liver disease, hepatitis B and C, pre-diabetes and diabetes, autoimmune diseases, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue/low energy, and more.

Brynn utilizes both traditional and modern acupuncture and Oriental medicine techniques as well as Chinese herbal medicine to achieve the most optimal results for her patients.

Brynn and her husband (a Jackson, MS native) currently divide their time between Jackson, MS and Portland, OR. They have been happily married for 26 years and have two adult children.

MS Acupuncture License #AC00015
OR Acupuncture License #AC00603
NCCAOM Certified - Diplomate of Acupuncture                MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation) Therapy certifiedFacial Rejuvenation (Cosmetic) Acupuncture certified  


DAOM Candidate - Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
Masters in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
BA in Anthropology, Portland State University
Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic (X-Ray) Technology, Portland Community College 


Jerusha DeGroote Stephens, LAc, Founder

Brynn Graham, LAc

Kira Buckley, Receptionist

Keri Perez, Receptionist